Top 50 rock albums of the decade

Posted: Δεκέμβριος 15, 2011 by Ηλίας Δεσύλλας in Μουσική
1.Arcade Fire-Funeral 2004
2.Interpol-Turn on the bright lights 2002
3.Radiohead-The rainbows 2007
4.Sigur Rόs-Takk 2005
5.Arctic Monkeys-Whatever people say I am,that’s what I’m not 2006
6.Tv on the radio-Return to Cookie Moutain 2006
7.Godspeed your black emperor-Lif your skinny fists like antennas to heaven 2000
8.Oasis-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2000
9.Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand 2004
10.The Strokes-Is this it? 2001
11.Kasabian-West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 2009
12.Morrissey-Years of Refusal 2009
13.Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll 2005
14.Radiohead-Kid A 2000
15.Interpol-Antics 2004
16.White Stripes-Elephant 2003
17.Arcade Fire-Neon Bible 2007
18.Portishead-Third 2008
19.Stellastarr-Stellastarr 2003
20.Antony And The Johnsons-I Am A Bird Now 2005
21.Explosions in the Sky-All of a sudden,I miss everyone 2007
22.Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavillion 2009
23.Dandy Warhols-Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemian 2000
24.Beirut-Gulag Orkestar 2006
25.Pj Harvey-White Chalk 2007
26.The Killers-Hot Fuss 2004
27.Cat Power-The Greatest 2006
28.Placebo-Sleeping With Ghosts 2003
29.Manu Chao-La Radiolina 2007
30.Tindersticks-Can Our Love 2001
31.BRMC-Take Them on,On Your Own 2003
32.Electralane-No Shouts,No Calls 2007
33.Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Fever To Tell 2003
34.Muse-Black Holes And Revelations 2006
35.Editors-The Black Room 2005
36.A Place To Bury Strangers-A Place To Burry Strangers 2007
37.Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-Dig,Lazarus,Dig!! 2008
38.Radiohead-Hail to the thief 2003
39.Tom Waits-Orphans:Brawlers,Bawlers & Bastards 2007
40.Johnny Cash-American III:Solitary Man 2000
41.Sigur Rόs-Untitled 2002
42.National-Boxer 2007
43.Bad for Lashes-Two suns 2009
44.Isis-Oceanic 2002
45.Coldplay-A Rush For Blood To The Head 2002
46.The Last Shadow Puppets-The Age Of The Understatement 2008
47.bloc party-silent alarm 2005
48.interpol-our love to admire 2007
49.madrugada-the deep end 2005
50.joanna newsom-Ys 2006


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